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2003 Murcielago DYNO Numbers (RWD Conversion, exhuast, intake)

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Hello all!

Yesterday I DYNO tested the 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago, read more about it here: Keep Track of My New Gated Manual Murcielago! VIN...

Current mods impacting power include RP intakes, DTP exhaust (primary cats still in place), and RWD conversion. The car is not tuned.

Below is the DYNO sheet, it was on a Mustang DYNO. Great numbers, 526rwhp and 467rwtq. Estimated 615bhp

DYNO Video (video is still processing for now but you can download it): IMG_2103.MOV

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If you’re after a higher pitch LP640 sound, Fabspeed or Powercraft will do the job without touching primary cats.
Powercraft replaces the primaries (and tip section).

DTP & Fabspeed are the only two short styles, which offer the shortest path for a higher pitch, lower weight and top end power. The biggest difference is Fabspeed X-pipe has its biggest gains in the 3.5-5.5k range where DTP has its biggest gains from 5k to redline.
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