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10 Fun/Interesting Facts about the Lamborghini Company (Video)

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Hello again! I made this video of the Lamborghini Company, 10 interesting facts about it. Very interesting and stuff I never knew about Lamborghini until I actually started to do research for this video.

Anyways, here it is!

There are plenty more fun/interesting facts about the company, feel free to post a reply to add more!

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Fun video... but lets review some facts:

#2 Lamborghini Automobili S.p.A. is 100% owned by AUDI AG. Volkswagen AG is "only" the majority shareholder of AUDI AG.

#6 Don't forget V8's - like the Jalpa, Urraco and Silhouette.

#10 Lamborghini Automobili S.p.A. and Tonino Lamborghini S.r.l. really have nothing to do with each other. Antonio "Tonino" Lamborghini is Ferrucio's son and thats about the extent of the relationship.

You might find interesting since I see you havent listed it in your facts.
Lamborghini tractors

and some facts are a bit off...
#1. Technically the Automobili Lamborghini company grew off of the Lamborghini Trattori business... so I mean technically you are right, but its iffy
#3. The cars are named after Spanish Fighting Bulls that showed the most ferocity and prowess (but not all, like the Countach).
#4. The clutch in his Ferrari 250GT was the same type of clutch he used in his tractors. And Enzo Ferrari basically told Ferruccio that he was lucky a measly tractor mechanic could afford his cars, which is what angered Ferruccio to the point that he decided he could make his own cars, and better (which he was right).
#6. The Urraco, Silhouette, and Jalpa had V8 engines.
#7. I'm not sure on the terminology 'sun sign,' isn't it astological/zodiac sign? Or is that the same thing?
#9. I'm pretty sure that there were some private owners that bought the company in 1978 before selling.
#10. I'm pretty sure lamborghini almost makes no profit of the ASUS line, since I was thinking of buying one. Its just a market ploy by ASUS.
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Here we go :)

1. Correct

2. Technically 100% by Audi.

3. "Fighting bulls" or other bullfighting themes would be more accurate than "legends".

4. Slight correction to Leadfoot's comment here... The clutch on his 250GT (he actually had another 250 for his wife) kept breaking and he replaced it with a clutch FROM one of his tractors so it would last. Then he went to tell Enzo who'd been blowing him off. The fact that he put a tractor clutch on one of his cars made Enzo furious! (This is how Fabio Lamborghini explained it to me). The tractor business was a different one altogether.

5. Right.

6. Except for all the V8's.

7. right.

8. right.

9. The Mimram brothers owned it before Chrysler and Megatech after.

10. Except for Asus almost ALL of that stuff (the shoes, perfumes, keychains, etc) are from Tonino Lamborghini. Which has absolutely zero relation to Automobili Lamborghini.

Little more research required :)

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