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Hey guys been a student in the chat for a while but have learned tons from you guys through other threads and wanted to ask for some advice.

Here's the deal: (or not)

I'm looking to buy:

2006 Gallardo Spyder |Yellow/BLK|
- 46k miles - clean title
No Accidents
Clean Carfax - Carfax shows cutch assembly being replaced around 28k miles

2 Owner car and looks to be in good condition. I haven't personally looked at it but am considering sending a request and PSI.

Car Use: Driver - I am not looking to collect and will prob put 3-5k miles per year
Location: I Live in South FL.

The owner is asking 80k for it. I think it's a bit on the high side but then again I never owned one of these and feel 65-75k would be a favorable deal?


What would you buy this for?
Considered it will be driven is that too high for miles? ---

What would a realistic cash offer be for this car?

Also, are the convertible mechanisms on these cars reliable or prone to a **** ton of problems?


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TBH, 80k is about the lowest any G is going to go for with reasonable miles and no title/accident issues. Since that's about 3k/miles a year, you're on the top end of how much they tend to be driven. 1500-2k is closer to the standard, with 500 being a garage queen. The price is fair assuming it's got a decent service history too, but I wouldn't expect it to go down much lower than say 75k, maybe wait until Dec to see if want it off the books before year end.

That said, if the clutch was done about 20k miles, you might be due for another one in about 10k miles. Factor in about 10k for that.

Since you'll be putting about 3-5k a year (good for you!!! These cars are meant to be driven and actually, driving about 2-5k is better for reliability than cars that seen 500 a year, lol)... in about 3 years, that would mean it'd have around 56-60k miles. Do expect another ~7k in depreciation by then. Remember, this isn't a low mileage cream puff, but a car that was driven and will continue to be driven.

The convertible mech is pretty decent, usually just some adjustments that need to be made at the latches. Sometimes the top cylinders (I think there are 5 total) will start to leak and when that happens, they should be repaired. You can pretty much do a complete top overhaul for about 2500-3k yourself. It's no big deal. This place will take your all your old parts and refurb them, assuming you even get to that point. You'll probably not keep it long enough to need this though.

It doesn't make sense though to buy one with lower miles and pay more for it, since you're planning on driving this one. So any savings will be lost.

Good luck!
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