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04 Gallardo parking lights dont seem to turn on

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getting a left parking light error on the dash.
I assumed it was referencing to the lower headlight slits.
I went ahead and checked both bulbs and they dont look burnt out( could still be burnt out)
but when I went to try to trigger the lights. it doesnt seem to light up any side.

any one know where the fuse would be located, or how to trigger these lights to test.
I heard I would be able to trigger these with the car off when the turn stock is in the forward position or turn position but not seeing those lights turn on.

thank you for your help
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The turn signal to the left will leave the left side lights illuminated, but I'm pretty sure you have to turn the car off from that position, meaning you can't flip it over when the car is off.

With the key in the on position, you can turn on the lights and check every single bulb function. Why not just do that?

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Ahhh so found out one of the bulbs was out… and I guess if one is out the other one won’t light up ???? Very strange, maybe it’s wired incorrectly.

but seems to be functioning correctly now
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