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▀■▀■Vivid Racing | Advan GT in Gallardo fitment | Lowest price all year!!

Greetings Lamborghini Talk Members!

The time you've all been waiting for has arrived! It's time for our annual JDM wheel sale. This sale applies to the full Rays and Yokohama lineup.

This Gallardo setup features the following specs:
20x9" +40mm with a weight of 20LBS!!

20x11 +44mm with a weight of 22LBS!!

Tire fitment: (as pictured)



Click on the link below to view Yokohama Japan's page for more picture of fitment.

This includes favorites from Rays such as the Volk Racing TE37 Ultra, TE37 Ultra Track Edition, G25, G25 Premium, TE37SL TE37SL , ZE40, Gram Lights, etc.

This also includes favorites from Yokohama such as the Advan Racing GT, GT Premium, TCIII, etc.

The sale applies to all in stock wheels and special order wheels, which is quite rare!

Obviously, there are only a couple fitments for Lamborghini, but if you have a secondary vehicle that you are looking for wheels on, this is a sale that is worth inquiring about.

Every available color, every available size, they're all on sale.

For all special order wheels, we welcome as little as 50% down to proceed with your order as well!

This is a limited time offer. Contact me right away with all inquiries.

Flat out, we will beat any written quote during this sale! Best pricing is guaranteed!!!

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