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▀▄▀▄ Vivid Racing | VR Performance Lowering Springs for Huracan

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Product Information:

You can now lower your Lamborghini Huracan ride height with these new VR Performance Lowering Springs by Vivid Racing! The Vivid Racing springs are made in collaboration with Swift Springs of Japan to bring one of the best spring manufactures to meet the needs of Lamborghini owners. The Huracan is a gorgeous car but could use some lowering to get rid of the unnecessary wheel gap. With the factory front lift system, a lowered car is no problem to give a daily driver a meaner stance. Our goal was to create the perfect lowered look without sacrificing performance. To achieve this, we took many measurements and provided a plethora of feedback to Swift Springs. To not impede the function of the sophisticated suspension or alter how these settings would feel when driving, we kept very close to the stock spring rates for the front and rear. This continued to give the car a very comfortable ride as it is stock but still allows for the performance to be turned up with Huracan's suspension system. The perfect ride height is accomplished by lowering the front about .65 inches and the rear at 1.1 inches. This gives a perfect stance with the stock 19/20 inch wheel setup.


  • Engineered by Swift Springs Japan
  • Close to factory spring rates
  • Lowers the car .65" F and 1.1" R
  • Works with factory lift system
  • Powder coated for durability
  • Sold as a set of 4 springs

  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • Lamborghini Huracan EVO
  • Lamborghini Performante

  • Designed for Nose Lift Cars
  • Springs may settle lower than advertised
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