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Vivid Racing Presents: Titan 7 T-S5 Wheel - Forged for all !

PM, call, or email for Pricing!

[email protected] | +1.480.966.3040 x226 |


Product Information - Are you looking for the Perfect track use wheel, or just want a quality wheel for your daily driver. Titan 7 has you covered with their Flow Forged T-S5. Titan 7 is a wheel brand like no other. Titan 7's sole mission is to provide the enthusiast with the best performance wheel possible, period. All wheels are 100% manufacture in-house utilizing 10,000 TONS of industry leading pressure. Each design is fully optimized with the latest software analysis, laboratory testing, and real world track use. With over 40 years of combined experience in high level racing and wheel manufacturing - Titan 7 is poised to deliver wheels that are "Forged for All".




Flow forming is popular today due to the increased density of the wheel rim that is spun forged like a vase. Pricing is still within the budget of most race / track enthusiasts. The issue is that a flow formed wheel starts out as a casting with a casting grade aluminum (A356). There is still potential for porosity, but it is a definite improvement over a completely casted wheel.

All Titan 7 Wheels are Fully Forged. The wheel starts out as an aircraft grade solid cylinder of 6061 Aluminum. We pressurize the cylinder with an industry leading 10,000 tons of pressure to give the wheel its basic shape while improving the grain structure and overall properties of the high grade aluminum. Absolutely no porosity and a densely organized microstructure to allow for amazing designs, weight, and strength.

Contact Information:
Phone: 480.966.3040 x226
Email: [email protected]

Please feel free to contact me via PM, Email, or Phone if you have any questions.


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