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Vivid Racing Presents: Novitec Lowering Sport Spring Set for Huracan

PM, call, or email for Pricing!

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Lowering a Lamborghini is synonymous with Novitec for a reason. They have the highest standards when it comes to designing their products. When doing so most companies will borrow cars from customers in exchange for free parts but Novitec will buy a car so that they can be certain that everything is how it should be and the products they put their name on are the best you can get. Buying Novitec is more than a name; its confidence is quality.
The NOVITEC Group is one of the most respected and experienced companies in the industry. Since the beginning in 1989, the entrepreneurial vision and creativity of Wolfgang Hagedorn has evolved into what is now known throughout the world as NOVITEC. From the beginning, the focus of NOVITEC has been the Italian Sports Car. The extensive NOVITEC program is characterized by the highest quality products, precision and craftsmanship. None of that precision and craftsmanship was spared with these springs for the Huracan! They lower the 30mm in the front and 20mm in the rear.


  • Lower the front 30mm
  • Lower the rear 20mm
  • With and without Mag ride




PM, call, or email for Pricing!

[email protected] | +1.480.966.3040 x226 |
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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