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▀▄▀▄ Vivid Racing : Group Buy - TE37 Ultra in Huracan/R8 Fitment

Vivid Racing Exclusive: TE37 Ultra in Huracan/R8 Fitment!​

Folks, I have some very very exciting news!

After a ton of requests and a lot of back in forth with Rays Engineering.. I have worked very closely with Mackin Industries to get an exclusive fitment made for the R8 and Huracan.

We are still working on what colors to get these in but this will be a limited introductory run of 10 Wheel Sets.

Here are the colors I am thinking:


Diamond Dark Gunmetal

Of course, I am open to suggestions!

Here are 2 people that I know that managed to get them to work with other specs and possibly spacers) but these sets would be a bespoke perfect fit and a very small club of people with these wheels on a Lamborghini!

Now for the important stuff..

Wheel specs are as follows:

Front: 20x9 +25, 5x112

Rear: 20x11 +45, 5x112

We will need to get a minimum of 5 sets pre-ordered to get this going. We are more than happy to cover the rest from there for future orders.

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have! I am beyond excited to offer something like this to the community!​​

Chris K
[email protected]
480.966.3040 x226
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