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  1. Member Classifieds
    Hello everyone, Pattcor here out of the great PNW. I want to buy an AWD spyder huracan with under 20k miles. WITH All original accessories, wind blockers, car cover, duffel bag, battery tender, fix a flat, gloves etc etc. I would prefer a private party sale as my experience communicating...
  2. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Looking to buy 15-18' aventador, coupe or roadster. I'm located in Florida. Mileage under 10k preferred but open. You can DM or message me direct: 330-231-7852
  3. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Looking to buy one of each for both models. Don't care if Canadian or US model. Open to all colors of the rainbow and will happily pay a finders fee. Not interested in cars that are already advertised as they are over priced Thank you
  4. Huracan
    I'm looking for a Grigio Nimbus HP, preferably with the bronze Narvi wheels. TorontoPerf listed one with black wheels for sale 2 months ago and has since sold. I wanted to connect with anyone who did in case they decided to sell one day. See below for eye candy!
  5. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Found my verde coupe.
  6. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hi all, looking into Gallardos. I am not concerned if the exterior is rough, or if the car has high mileage. My friend dailys his superleggera and has over 110k miles. I know the underground market has some crazy deals; I know someone who just bought a black on red 04 with 55k miles for $55k...
  7. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    I've seen the ones on Autotrader which are overpriced or miles are too high. Not looking for a new car or anything priced close to MSRP. Please reach out if you have a private car for sale or something off market. Cash buyer, no financing trades etc. Willing to work with a dealership also...
  8. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hi, I have bought a few exotic cars in the past needing work and enjoy taking my time, with low overhead to return them to their former glory. So if you or anyone you know wrecked his/her exotic car I would love the opportunity to make a strong offer on it. Maybe it was in an accident on the...
  9. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hi all, In the market for a clean Murcielago. Would prefer a gated pre-LP car or LP640 coupe but would be willing to look at other specs. All mileage accepted, just looking for a well maintained car. Cash buyer located in Miami FL. Also interested in a 2008 Gallardo SL in black with full carbon...
  10. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    2004 Gallardo E-gear 5.0 v10 VIN- ZHWGU11S04LA00927 -29,750 miles -Grigio Altair (silver) paint in excellent condition -IMS GST front bumper -Clear bra (bumper, hood, mirrors, headlights, sides, rear) -Carbon steering wheel w/orange stitching to match brake calipers -Tubi exhaust -Pioneer...
  11. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hello all! I have a Murcielago I need wheels for. Currently has HREs but would like to put a stock set back on the car. I need the 03-04 style, and in perfect condition. Let me know what you have! Cheers.
  12. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hi guys. New here. Love the community. Just sold my R8 V10. Looking to buy a UGR TTG that is either Verde Ithaca or has no colors on the interior. Looking for one with an updated front bumper. Prefer ceramic clutch to tilton. Simple cash transaction ready to move. Thanks!
  13. Murcielago
    Hello everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know that I'm on the hunt for the right Murcielago! I started really searching a couple months ago for the right car. I currently have an Aston Martin Vantage, but I am ready for an upgrade! The Murcielago has been a car that I...
  14. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Looking for 6 speed coupe Gallardo under 90k Open to look at anything available!
  15. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Looking to buy an early model G in stick. I want to spend <80K - color is not an issue for me at all, I'm going to wrap it and do a lot of work on it myself. Thanks! :wave:
  16. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Been looking for a 2006-2008 Gallardo Spyder preferably in white, orange, or yellow. 30K miles and below with services/clutch up to date. I was too late on a few I could have purchased from 104K-110K … thank you! Looking to buy immediately
1-16 of 16 Results