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wiring diagram

  1. 6.0 Wiring diagrams

    I need a wiring diagram to identify the wires on the console switches, including the main switch cluster, and for the warning light "eyebrow" bar on the dash. If anyone has the wiring diagrams, I would happily pay a reasonable fee for copies of the relevant pages. Thanks!
  2. Help needed - Gallardo 2004 -ECU pinout

    Hello, I need PINOUT for ECU or WIRING DIAGRAM for Ignition and Injection. Thanks in advance!!
  3. 2000 Diablo wiring diagrams

    Does anyone know where I could find wiring diagrams for the 2000/2001 Diablo 6.0? I've seen workshop manuals for sale, but I can't seem to find out whether or not they include wiring diagrams. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
  4. 1988 1/2 Countach QV FI wiring diagram

    Hello, We are in trouble with electrical issue on a 1988 1/2 Countach QV FI (I guess you are not surprised;)). The problem seems to be located in the ECU but we don't have any wiring diagram. Can anybody send me that diagram ? thanks.