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  1. *ALL NEW* Carbon Fiber Full Aero Kit for Lamborghini Huracan

    Fusion Motor Company
    Fusion Motor Company breathes new life into the Lamborghini Huracan with a menacing carbon fiber aero kit ready to hit the streets. Just released, our complete kit includes: Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Bumpers Carbon Fiber Hood Carbon Fiber Rocker Panels Carbon Fiber Front Fenders Carbon Fiber...

    FINALLY the VIDEO the FORUM has been WAITING for. I know...I looked and could NOT find a COMPLETE GUIDE to installing my SL on the CHEDDARWEDGE. Hope this helps...
  3. FS: 2004-2012 Gallardo Hamann wing & side skirts

    I have the Hamann rear wing and Hamann side skirts for sale for an 04-12 Gallardo. Rear wing is wrapped in carbon fiber. Side skirts are painted Verde Ithaca. I have them listed on eBay or contact me at (zvlah AT aol dot com) for more info
  4. Weird/faulty spoiler alignment

    Hi everyone, Hurrayy.. Im about to make a childhood dream reality and buy a Gallardo. A local car dealership has this 2004 Gallardo for sale which obviously had some panels resprayed. The respray doesn't really bother me but the wing has some weird alignment to it. (please see the pictures i...
  5. 1016 Industries Huracan Renato

    All we have been on the forum some months now but have been busy at work on new products to extend our product line for the huracan. We have had a highly successful program with the LP-610 consisting of both a unique and well thought out design that enables a dramatic change to the lines of...
  6. 1016 Industries Renato Aventador Carbon Fiber Kit

    All, We have been active for a month or so but have not fully engaged the forum. We would like to formally introduce our program for the Aventador, which is both extensive and expertly engineered. As with all of our products, engineering and manufacturing is based 100% in the United States...
  7. OEM Wing / Front Bumper Used Sale Price?

    Hi All, I just took the OEM spoiler off my 2004 Gallardo and installed a carbon SL wing. I'm also in the process of replacing the front with an RSC LP560 front end. My question is, how much are these used OEM parts worth? The wing / brackets / necessary bolts are in mint condition and the...
  8. Question about aftermarket SL wing

    Wanting to know the difference in styling between renown, rsc, and any OEM SL style wing. Hard to tell a difference from pics online. What do you guys like and why? Pricing not a determining factor. Just ascetics and quality.
  9. Wtb SL wing at great price, used is ok.

    Love the look of the large SL wing but can't bring myself to pay $3500 for one. Show me the goods!
  10. Lamborghini Gallardo Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

    This is an aftermarket carbon fiber rear spoiler and base plate from a 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo. It is in great shape, the baseplate is black. It was removed to take the car back to stock. Located in Colorado, can ship at buyers expense. SOLD Please let me know if you have any questions.
  11. New at a dealership and I dunno what this wing is worth

    So, yeah, this is my first post and no one wants to see something that looks like an advertisement. But, I'll be frank with you - I don't know anything about Lamborghini Diablos. I just started working at an exotic car dealership, and my boss asked me to sell this OEM wing on ebay, but I have NO...
  12. Lamborghini countach original wing spoiler for sale!!!

    Hello Here I sell my original aluminum trunk spoiler of a Lamborghini countach The measurements are :- 1m45 lenght - 0.45m width in the middle - 0.275m width on the outside - the mounting feet are at 0.24m frome the outside...
  13. Superleggera with small wing?

    Question - I spotted a Grigio Tolesto Superleggera today with the uncommon standard 'small wing'. I know the SL had 34 units produced in Grigio Tolesto and I know the small wing is very uncommon. Does anyone know how many SLs were produced with the small wing? More many Grigio...
  14. Gallardo IMSA Carbon/Kevlar wing with camera mount

    Gallardo IMSA Carbon/Kevlar wing with camera mount Online Retail Stores: $6,999.00 $5,584.00 I have a IMSA Carbon/Kevlar wing paint OEM Lamborghini Nero Noctis Black I just...
  15. Sport Gear Ratio + Wing influence on Speed - Diablo

    Dreamers Forum
    Hello Lamborghini enthousiasts ! :wave: I have 2 questions, to which to I couldn't find an answer here yet between old topics. In a month I will hopefully get my 99 VT roadster after 10 years of searching for it. (aaaaaaa!!! can't sleep !) 1. Now this one has the "Sport Gear" option. And...
  16. LB Performance LP640 Full Aero Kit

    LB Performance Upgraded LP640 Full Aero Kit !!!Make an offer!!! Full Aero Body Kit (Unpainted) Including: R/L Side Skirts R/L Side Skirt Fins Front Bumper Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber Rear Wing with adjustable flap Brand New Never Installed still in Box Retail $29k -Make an Offer!!!! Must...