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wheels for sale
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    Literally new set of Forgeline 19” Lamborghini wheels for sale. Mounted for less than 30 days before upgrading to a 20” wheel. Wheels are in perfect condition and include the Lamborghini center cap. Over $5,000 new.....Selling price $3,250!
  2. Parts
    Selling the wheels off a friends Aventador. Wheels were bought new from ADV.1 Wheels. Wheels originally had a brushed/polished finish. Also costs about $12k new with wheels and tires. Wheels were then refinished to gloss black. Staggered setup 20" / 21" Sizes in pics of tires. Asking only...
  3. Parts
    No center cap. A few light scratches. Tire looked original with no miles. Send me a message if interested!
  4. Parts
    For sale in Australia but will ship anywhere. Very good condition as I put an aftermarket set on the car when it had only done 36,000 miles. Seeking offers.
1-4 of 4 Results