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  1. Parts
    One 19" OEM Lamborghini Gallardo rear wheel Specs are 19x11, et55. In great condition! Asking $500. Located in Tomball, Texas. Will ship at buyer's expense.
  2. Wheels and Tires
    Gents, been on reading this forum for a long time and recently joined the owner's club :wave:. Wondering if those drivers out there with 20" wheels could share their experience? More prone to getting dents, harsher ride, fender rubbing? I'm driving an 06 Spyder (gated:)), and was thinking of...
  3. Murcielago
    Recently i came to acquire this beautiful chrome hercules style wheel from where I work. I dont have any use for the wheel, so ive decided to sell it. After seeing what these go for on ebay i figured ill give everyone on here a pretty good deal. On ebay these go for around $1,000, but i really...
  4. Gallardo
    I used Simply green and a towel then water and a towel and I also used a bit of rough sand paper but very lightly. I almost bought a new steering wheel as I wanted it nice and rough again.
  5. Classifieds
    I am in the market for a set of 4 Black Cassiopeia or Callisto Wheels, preferably with tires. Please PM with your offers. Thx
  6. Classifieds
    Stock wheel pulled when car was new. '06. Had a carbon wheel installed instead. Have pics i can send if interested. Make me an offer. Joe
  7. Classifieds
    I have an OEM steering wheel from an 06 Gallardo that is brand new. A carbon wheel was put on the car right after it was new. Also have a Black Gallardo SE OEM cover as well. Make me an offer on each. The car is gone and I want them to move the items. I will send pics to email address if...