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  1. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    I'm looking for: Lamborghini Gallardo Green, Orange, or White E-Gear Prefer Coupe (not Spyder) Glass Engine Bonnett 15,000 or less miles 2008-2013 Prefer AWD (might consider RWD) Clear Title Budget 2008 – Under $105,000 2009-2011 - Under $130,0000 2011-2013 – Under $140,000
  2. Classifieds
    Been lurking for about a while and finally the moons have aligned and my investments paid out. Looking for a 2005-2006 Gallardo with sub 15K miles. Black, grey, white, silver are good. Red/blue are a no-no. Yellow if I get desperate. Must be a well loved example, serviced, 90%+ clutch...
1-2 of 2 Results