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  1. F/S VF Engineering VF800 Supercharger kit for Huracan - Big Discount

    ********No longer for sale. Keeping it. Bought another Huracan!******** I had this kit on my Huracan Spyder. I just couldn't get used to the tight seating in that car and sold it. Kit has less than 1K miles of use. Like brand new. Would BLOW AWAY any SV, 675LT, etc. Absolutely crazy and easy...
  2. Video: SKN R8V10 Xtreme2 hits 217mph at Nardo Ring

    Discussion of other Marques
    From earlier this year: SKN's video of their Xtreme2 at the Nardo High Speed performance event: For more videos, check our VF-Engineering YouTube channel: More info VF750 brochure: Click here Webpage...