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  1. Video: SKN R8V10 Xtreme2 hits 217mph at Nardo Ring

    Discussion of other Marques
    From earlier this year: SKN's video of their Xtreme2 at the Nardo High Speed performance event: For more videos, check our VF-Engineering YouTube channel: More info VF750 brochure: Click here Webpage...
  2. \ VF-Engineering: Hex Flash Aventador LP700 software upgrade /

    VF Engineering
    We are proud to announce and release the latest Hex Flash Aventador LP700 software upgrade. ECU software in the Aventador was enhanced by Hex Tuning resulting in an addition of 40hp and 40ftlbs of torque. This calibration was developed/tested and measured on a Mustang MD500-AWD chassis dyno...
  3. VF750 Supercharged V10: Nardo competition 2013!

    Discussion of other Marques
    The results of the 2013 Nardo High Performance event have been posted and we would like to congratulate SKN Tuning of Germany for their 3rd place win!! 16 cars were entered with power ranging from 410hp to 820hp and the SKN VF750 supercharged R8 came in only behind the 9ff TR-82 and the GAD...
  4. Hex Flash: Rolls Royce software TUNE

    Discussion of other Marques
    VF-Engineering and Hex Flash are proud to announce our Rolls Royce Hex Tuning ECU software upgrade! This calibration was scientifically developed/tested and measured on a Mustang MD500-AWD chassis dyno using 91 octane. The top speed limiter was removed and combined with refined ignition, fuel...
  5. R8 Kompressor: 2013 Essen Motor show

    Discussion of other Marques
    SKN Tuning is at this year's Essen Motor Show in Germany showcasing their newly supercharged R8 V10. The Essen show goes on until December 8th. Stay tuned! This car was also entered in the 2013 Nardo Ring high speed event. Results will be available December 13th! :)...
  6. 2013 Edizione Technica LP570-4: VF760 Supercharged Gallardo Superleggera

    This particular Edizione Technica Superleggera was featured in our VF760 brochure recently along with another black 2013 LP570 Supercharged SL. The car was brought directly to our facility from Lamborghini Newport Beach with only 50 miles on the ODO. This is the owner's 2nd VF supercharged...