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    Looking to purchase one or the other. Hardtops only! Thanks
  2. Gallardo
    Is there any record of whether a 2006-2008 Gallardo Spyder in Verde Ithaca with a manual transmission exists? If so, how many? I’ve been looking for a Gallardo for a while as I’m in no rush, just waiting on the right car. My preference is a ‘06-08 manual Spyder and I’m drawn to the pearl...
  3. Cars
    2008 Superleggera Grigio Telesto with Verde Ithaca accents asking $139,900 Update 3/30/2015 - Car is sold Selling my 2008 Superleggera Grigio Telesto with Verde Ithaca brakes and accents. Vehicle has been extremely well maintained with no mechanical issues in 6 years of ownership. All fluids...
  4. Aventador | +1 800.601.7615 | Email Roaming the streets of Florida is the Incredible Verde Ithaca Lamborghini Aventador-V Roadster built by three of Miami’s finest: Wheels Boutique, Prestige Imports and Lamborghini Miami. Known as “The Hulk” by locals, this Lamborghini is suited...
  5. Cars
    THIS WAS A USA CAR!!! UPDATE! Brand New set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires just installed. COST $2,500.00! Not even 330 km's on them. BEST LAMBO DEAL! MAKING WAY FOR NEW ONE!!!!! Your chance to get the best Gallardo deal. $168,000.00 CDN!!!!!! AWESOME CAR AWESOME PRICE! Very well cared for...
  6. Gallardo
    I know dealers shod know this but I thought I would ask here anyway. Can you custom order a Super Trofeo in Verde Ithita? I may order one and was just wondering. I have a 09 LP 560 in that color. But this would be awesome.
  7. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Straight-piped Tubi exhaust Verde Ithaca Gallardo. You really have to be deaf AND blind to miss this one. Missing this one so, but I am reassured we shall see this one again (one one like it) with a brand new heard that will stop your heart!!! :) ***Sigh*****
  8. Murcielago
    I must say, the VI Gallardo was a pretty stunning color but I was always concerned that on the much larger Murcielago that it would be too much. Well, I guess I have to take that back. Saw this beast while I was in Chicago last week and wow..... I am whipped :whip: Score one for Lambo...