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  1. Jalpa/Silhoutte
    Hey Everyone Its been a while since I've posted anything, the main reason being that ive been enjoying the hell out of my jalpa. However, I was fortunate enough to bump into a fellow jalpa owner, who told me that his car had just dropped an exhaust valve into the cylinder and is going to be out...
  2. Aventador
    Hi everyone, I am ready to get rid of my stock exhaust but would like to read your experiences. Let's update the 2 years old post. Exhaust changed, and we have now more people driving Aventador with aftermarket. Please be specific about, 1) how it sound (better if you have a link) 2) did you...
  3. Gallardo
    So I was getting some engine lights which came from a sticky valve on my loc rev 5 exhaust. Anyone know how to fix this? I just sprayed oil on it and grease but it still is a bit sticky.
1-3 of 3 Results