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  1. WTB: AVENTADOR ROADSTER - Higher Mile Preferred - No Dealers

    As title says, I definitely want an Aventador Roaster. Has to be a private party sale (no dealers). Private Party sales have no tax in my state. Looking 2014 or 2015. Higher miles (18K-24K range) preferred. Just wanted to get this out there over the next several months. I know prices will...
  2. Straight Piped LP640 and Superleggera Terrorize Downtown LA: Effspot

    Hey guys! and I just shot a video with our friend @effspot in DTLA. The cars were echoing off all the buildings (and videos don't do it justice)... but it was just so much fun and sounded like an old F1 racetrack downtown this past week one night haha :D Thought you guys might...
  3. Couple Good Recent LP640 YouTube Videos (effspot) - My Balloon White Car

    Hey guys! Here are two recent videos featuring my LP640 in California. Bone stock, but the exhaust still sounds great! Second video the car is featured in the last couple minutes: Straight pipes should be ready second week of April. Can't wait!! Alex
  4. My New 2007 Balloon White LP640 Murcielago!!

    Hey guys! Well, the search is over :). After passing on two Gated LP640 cars over the last 6-months, this Balloon White 2007 E-Gear LP640 came up and was too good for me to pass on!! Kevin (@KMY on the forums) sold me the car. We had been talking since November off-market, before he went...
  5. I drove the giant: Video of LM002 in the Netherlands

    Hey everyone, Last year I got the opportunity to drive this staggeringly magnificent car! I made a video impression of it. Hopefully you'll like it! Thanks for your responses and happy Easter! Kind regards! Walter
  6. How come Aventador still comes with a V12?

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hello, this is my first ever post on this forum. I'm not a Lambo owner, just a huge fan. Well, let's get to the point. I'm just curious how is it possible for cars like Aventador (or F12Berlinetta) to still have naturally aspirated engines (and I'm very glad they do) that aren't exactly...