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  1. Urus
    Hi to everybody! We bought a wrecked Urus from Copart (yeah, I know that's not the best choice...) At the moment I can't get the buildsheet anywhere, and that's the main problem. Tried to contact some US dealers, but getting no answers. Last year we bought McLaren 600LT and guys from McLaren...
  2. Urus
    I ordered my Urus back in March, and dealer told me should be here by end of September. However, he just called and said he doesn’t know how long, but it is already on the boat on its way to Halifax. How long typically will it take from the docks in italy to Halifax? I’m in Toronto, and he said...
  3. Anything and Everything
    Get to your Beall’s Outlet boys and girls!!! 6 and older only!!
  4. Model Specific Discussions
    Hi everyone my name is Wasif, I’m a car dealer out of NYC. I currently have 5 brand new Lamborghini Urus for sale. Colors I have available are, 2 reds, 1 white,1 black, and the most popular orange . If you are interested please send me a email. My email is [email protected]
  5. Model Specific Discussions
    I ordered my urus back in mid March, dealer said it should come from Italy by August - Sept, but could be delayed. I've been reading a lot about peoples getting delayed with Covid, just wondering if anyone has had the experience of ordering one during covid times and how long the wait was. Just...
  6. Urus
    2 in 1 post. I’ve just joined this forum, so would like to say Hello to everyone! Is anyone in the U.K. selling an Urus Nath 22” diamond cut rear wheel or knows where to get one at a reasonable price (scuderia car parts is selling it for like £1.8k)? Thanks!
  7. Parts
    Looking to sell my 2020 white Lamborghini Urus OEM hood. No longer need it because I purchased the Novitec body kit so looking to get rid of the original. Hood is in great shape. Please contact me if interested
  8. Parts
    Looking to sell my 23" Forged Lamborghini Urus wheels. Selling with Pirelli tires and Lamborghini wheel caps. Rims and tires are used (drive 6k miles but still in great condition). Upgraded my wheels to the Novitec body kit and no longer have use for the old ones. Contact me if interested
  9. Urus
    I currently have a Mercedes G 63 AMG and I am thinking about getting a Luxury SUV around the 250k price point. I have never owned a Lamborghini. How does the Urus compare to the Bentley Bentayga V8, Rolls Royce Cullinan, and the Mercedes G 63 AMG in terms of maintenance, insurance and other...
  10. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    For Less! Here is Fabspeeds Contribution to Maintaining the Thickness of Your Wallet..---> Lamborghini Gifts
  11. Urus
    If you are on the fence about doing Sport Cats on your Urus this should make that decision a little bit easier...Factory mufflers seem to sound pretty good eh? This a great alternative to just going with the Cat Bypass pipes to eliminate the raw fuel smell, engine light and emissions compliance...
  12. Urus
    Hey guys, Managed to film a review of the 2021 Urus Just before it goes in for it’s wide body build. The kit used will be Mansory with some custom touches to it. Hope you enjoy following it and will keep you updated on here as time progresses.
  13. Photo Gallery
    What an amazing time at Fabspeeds Annual Open House. Lambo City! Visit Fabspeeds YouTube Channel For A Recap Soon..
  14. Urus
    Has anyone gone with Fabspeed or any other brand sport cats on your Urus yet? Interested in your thoughts and feedback on real life street performance increases and sound gains?
  15. Lamborghini Video Links
    Video from Istanbul, crazy sh*t :eek::eek::eek:
  16. Urus
    Vossen Forged S17-01
  17. Urus
    Completed a few weeks ago in Switzerland. Our 23" Vossen Forged HC-3 by Luxury Customs. Wheel & Tire Packages Available Now! Email- [email protected] | Call-305-463-7778
1-18 of 22 Results