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  1. Urus
    Worked like a treat and glad I got to use it in this way for a change. Handled so well on all the steep spots as well a climbing up so well when needing to do so.
  2. Urus
    Hey guys, I’m currently driving my car and the driver window will not go up. Not even when opening the door. Any reset procedure for this?
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I own a fashion label for car enthusiasts, based in Seoul, Korea. I have owned 610-4, Evo spyder, Murcielago e-gear before. Now I am hanging on to Pre-LP Murci Manual (8000 miles), 22 Huracan STO, 21 Urus widebody. Look forward to talking and sharing...
  4. Urus
    Hello everyone, I am about to buy an Urus, but I can't find it exactly as I would like. Ordering it new is not the solution, as the waiting time is really long (as you well know). So, I am looking among the used ones for what I want. Changing color and rims, it's easy, in case I don't find...
  5. Urus
    Hey guys, new urus owner here. curious how long everyone's model car took to get to the dealership or home after taking delivery.. thank you
  6. Urus
    Hi Lamborghini-Talk! VF Engineering has been developing high-performance software for European sports-car & supercar enthusiasts for over 20 years and counting. We recently made the move into a much larger, modern facility on the outskirts of Anaheim, CA. We are still getting settled into the...
  7. Urus
    I’m configuring a Urus and was wondering if anyone had photo comparisons of the two colors together. Other than the paint samples, as well as a comparison thread I found through a search, I have yet to see the colors side by side in photos. Are the metallic specs noticeable on Icarus? If anyone...
  8. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hi guys, I have for sale a brand new and unused front emblem for a Huracan, Avenador or Urus. Partnumber: 4T0853745 260 USD shipped.
    $260 USD
  9. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I am hoping we can compile a list of good Lamborghini dealers in North America, that your all will recommend along with their sales contact details. I am hoping this will help existing and new members to shortlist dealers when they are ready to make the purchase and can reach out...
  10. Parts/Other For Sale or Wanted
    Hi Guys, Some scumbags decided to steal both of my front Fender Flares/Wheel Arch Covers today. Looking for replacements in gloss black if anyone has any? Please DM or comment. Thank you!
  11. Urus
    Wassup guys so i left my car in the garage for a bit battery Whent out i charged it again but when i turned on the car the speakers never worked again , when i turn the volume knob it says “currently unavailable” . I took it to the nearest lamborghini dealer they did a computer reset and re...
  12. Urus
    I am debating on putting winter tires on my urus. It wont be driven often in the winter, but it will be driven probably a few times a week. For reference, I live in Toronto, so it’s gets quite snowy. But wondering if Neve mode and the AWD combined will be enough? Can anyone tell me what they...
  13. Urus
    Hi to everybody! We bought a wrecked Urus from Copart (yeah, I know that's not the best choice...) At the moment I can't get the buildsheet anywhere, and that's the main problem. Tried to contact some US dealers, but getting no answers. Last year we bought McLaren 600LT and guys from McLaren...
  14. Urus
    I ordered my Urus back in March, and dealer told me should be here by end of September. However, he just called and said he doesn’t know how long, but it is already on the boat on its way to Halifax. How long typically will it take from the docks in italy to Halifax? I’m in Toronto, and he said...
  15. Anything and Everything
    Get to your Beall’s Outlet boys and girls!!! 6 and older only!!
1-20 of 39 Results