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  1. Parts for Urraco project

    Hi everybody! So I'm in the beginning of a father and son project being a 1976 Urraco P250. I'm missing some parts, I know I can find them on, but maybe some of you have something lying around or other good suggestions. I'm looking for a number of different parts, but just to...
  2. Urraco p300 1975 parts needed

    I am currently restoring a Urraco P300 1975 and unfortunately the interior is quite incomplete, so I´m looking for these parts: THE LOWER CENTER CONSOLE CASING. COLOUR BLACK AND THE LOWER CENTER CONSOLE ASHTRAY. THE LOWER CENTER CONSOLE CIGARETTE LIGHTER WITH IT´S CORRESPONDING CASING A...
  3. Urraco P250 engine number location

    Hi folks, I m new in this forum and live in California.:wave: I m about to buy a 2.5l Urraco engine and I cannot locate where the numbers are. I will apreciatte if somebody can give me a hint. Thanks in advance George
  4. 12 Countaches lined up!!

    Lamborghini Video Links
    This is a site you don't see every day: 12 Lamborghini Countaches lined up, as well as Diablos, a Jalpa, Urraco, Espada, LM002, Ferrari's, and lots of the current models. The 3rd video shows the cars leaving the show, LOTS of amazing sounds! Chris