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  1. Urraco Parts Cross Reference! (And resuming a restoration project!)

    Hello Everyone! Long time lurker, I have #15580 that is finally beginning restoration after being tucked away for 12 years! I have arranged an engine builder and a body shop, and work will commence next month! Right now my task is to find parts cross reference for all the other bits, and my...
  2. Parts for Urraco project

    Hi everybody! So I'm in the beginning of a father and son project being a 1976 Urraco P250. I'm missing some parts, I know I can find them on, but maybe some of you have something lying around or other good suggestions. I'm looking for a number of different parts, but just to...
  3. Urraco p300 1975 parts needed

    I am currently restoring a Urraco P300 1975 and unfortunately the interior is quite incomplete, so I´m looking for these parts: THE LOWER CENTER CONSOLE CASING. COLOUR BLACK AND THE LOWER CENTER CONSOLE ASHTRAY. THE LOWER CENTER CONSOLE CIGARETTE LIGHTER WITH IT´S CORRESPONDING CASING A...
  4. Urraco P250 engine number location

    Hi folks, I m new in this forum and live in California.:wave: I m about to buy a 2.5l Urraco engine and I cannot locate where the numbers are. I will apreciatte if somebody can give me a hint. Thanks in advance George
  5. 12 Countaches lined up!!

    Lamborghini Video Links
    This is a site you don't see every day: 12 Lamborghini Countaches lined up, as well as Diablos, a Jalpa, Urraco, Espada, LM002, Ferrari's, and lots of the current models. The 3rd video shows the cars leaving the show, LOTS of amazing sounds! Chris