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  1. Gallardo
    We recently finished the Stage 2 conversion (800whp on 93 octane, and 1050whp on C16) of this beautiful Superleggera, and delivered it to the owner to enjoy this past weekend for the Running of the Bull's in Austin. While in our shop, the owner had us add the LP-570 bumper with carbon fiber...
  2. Gallardo
    We've been meaning to post some photos of this beautiful 2008 Superleggera for a while, but with the holidays, you can imagine how hectic things have been the past few weeks. This Stage 1 Twin Turbo Superleggera made a little over 800whp on the stock motor on E85 fuel. The customer has since...
  3. Gallardo
    We plan on sharing many of our current builds with everyone here, and wanted to start with this beautiful 2008 Superleggera. The owner purchased the car from Lamborghini Dallas, and had it delivered straight to us for the installation of our Stage 1 turbo kit. Along the way, the owner decided...
1-3 of 4 Results