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  1. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, 44k miles. E-gear with paddle shifters. Interior has been completely redone and shows like it's new. Car is Giallo Haylus, but has been wrapped verde Ithaca. On top of the verde ithaca wrap is a paint protection film to protect it from any rock chips and then on top...
  2. Lamborghini Video Links
    ***AWESOME VIDEO OF A TSM BI-TURBO SUPERLEGGERA*** How's it going everyone, these are just some clips we had left over from filming a Superleggera at Top Speed Motorsports. Needless to say the car was beautiful and had a significant increase in power to complement its great looks...
  3. Discussion of other Marques
    The results of the 2013 Nardo High Performance event have been posted and we would like to congratulate SKN Tuning of Germany for their 3rd place win!! 16 cars were entered with power ranging from 410hp to 820hp and the SKN VF750 supercharged R8 came in only behind the 9ff TR-82 and the GAD...
  4. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hello, this is my first ever post on this forum. I'm not a Lambo owner, just a huge fan. Well, let's get to the point. I'm just curious how is it possible for cars like Aventador (or F12Berlinetta) to still have naturally aspirated engines (and I'm very glad they do) that aren't exactly...
  5. Gallardo
    This is pulled from a couple of other boards. The car was at Underground and he just got the UR Stage3 completed. He went with the carbon fiber version of the bumper.
  6. Classifieds
    Alright guys. I am putting this out there. This car is an absolute beast. She made over 1000 whp on only 32 pounds of boost with pump gas. It was designed to be a street car so it retains a/c, heater, power steering, etc. The parachute is removable and takes less then 2 minutes. This car was...
  7. Lamborghini Video Links
    This is by far my favorite video I have ever made. This is a Stage 4 Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo LP1000-2 which produces over 1550 HP on race fuel. Pure insanity! This is the one I made a thread about recently, but I got to be up close and film it all today. I am still in shock...
  8. Lamborghini Video Links
    Hey Guys, I came across this awesom Car today, just had to register and post it, Twin Turbo Gallardo Thought you might like it! You might have seen it before but its still awesome!!!
  9. Gallardo
    Just came across this video of a twin turbo'd monster not sure about how the Ice can help cooling the turbos ..but it worked lol
  10. Classifieds
    Hello, I'm cleaning out the garage and have a few pairs of the elusive Vitaloni turbos. These are for the countach and some ferrari's. They are manual adjustments. They are not to be mistaken with the smaller, plastic baby turbos. These are the full size originals that are impossible to...
1-10 of 11 Results