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turbo kit

  1. 2013 Edizione Technica LP570-4: VF760 Supercharged Gallardo Superleggera

    This particular Edizione Technica Superleggera was featured in our VF760 brochure recently along with another black 2013 LP570 Supercharged SL. The car was brought directly to our facility from Lamborghini Newport Beach with only 50 miles on the ODO. This is the owner's 2nd VF supercharged...
  2. FS: Lamborghini Gallardo Complete Twin Turbo Kit!!!

    Like the title says, I have a new complete twin turbo kit for the 2004-2008 body Lamborghini Gallardo. I bought it for my yellow one before I totaled it and have been sitting on it for almost a year...It's got to go. Anyone me for more details.