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  1. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Hey guys , I drive my car on a regular basis and never have issues with it . It’s a 18 580 Today I was driving for about a hour parked and when I came back I turned my car on everything seemed normal … as soon as I pulled out of the Parking lot onto the road I accelerated and my engine stopped...
  2. Aventador
    Has anyone ECU and/or TCU flashed their cars? Is Vivid Racing the only company that offers OBD2 remote flashing for BOTH? (can be done easily by owner in a few minutes). Any experiences with Vivid Racing or other companies good or bad? Is there any difference between the quality of the flash...
  3. Aventador
    We are proud to announce and release the latest Hex Flash Aventador LP700 software upgrade. ECU software in the Aventador was enhanced by Hex Tuning resulting in an addition of 40hp and 40ftlbs of torque. This calibration was developed/tested and measured on a Mustang MD500-AWD chassis dyno...
1-3 of 3 Results