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  1. Jalpa Gearbox teardown Pictures and Information

    Hey everyone, I trust all are well. So ive begun on the process of engine removal and transmission disassembly to get to my root of my transmission not shifting into 4th and 5th. Ive sent my Jalpa to a mechanic who is well known for working on older Ferraris, mostly 308s, but hes never worked...
  2. 2016 Pirelli edition issues issues and issues

    I got my Pirelli edition Aventador few months back and so far it has been at the dealer more than 4 times. #1 Got P0455 Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected (Large Leak) was at the dealer for 2 weeks. 2,400 Miles #2 Got transmission issue where car became undrivable. Towed to dealer was...
  3. Huracan Transmission Issue?

    Hi. I just purchased a 2016 Huracan 580-2 new from the dealer. Only had 100 miles from a few test drives. Often at slow speeds (35 mph or less) there is a bit of a jolt/thump when I lightly get on/off the accelerator in automatic mode. It feels like perhaps the clutch is engaging/disengaging a...
  4. DIABLO Parts for sale, Transmission, Engine Block, Differential with oil pan ect

    I have LAMBORGHINI DAIBLO Parts from a 1995 (4 wheel drive) low mileage car (under 18,000K) - Transmission (4 Valve) - Differential with oil pan - Engine block (Fresh and ready for a build) I'm still finding even more parts as I go through our warehouse. Please contact me at...
  5. Countach Parts for sale, Transmission, weber carbs, engine block and more

    I have LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH Parts from a 1986 low mileage car (under 15,000K) - Transmission - Differential with oil pan - Pistons, rods and rings (BRAND NEW IN THE BOX) - Engine block (Fresh and ready for a build) - 6 DUAL WEBER CARBS!!!! Contact me for prices. [email protected]
  6. Lamborghini aventador transmission question

    Greetings to all, 1) hey can anybody tell me how to put the aventador in automatic mode (which button to press) and how put it back in manual mode. 2) can we drive aventador in auto mode in all 3 modes (sport corsa strada).
  7. Gallardo transmission e-gear removal

    Hey guys I have a question, I'm seriously considering buying a used superleggera but I absolutely will not settle for a E-gear. I've looked everywhere but can't find a six speed superleggera, so my question is would it be feasible/possible to remove the E-gear transmission and replace it with a...
  8. Gearbox Delay

    I've been watching videos on youtube and actually had seen it personally that whenever drivers of Lambo's shift (Paddle-shifts), I've noticed there is a sort of delay before the the paddle shift directly shifts the transmission into the next gear.... Is this true? Or is it just the videos that...
  9. Can not get into any gear on idle

    Hi Guys, i have a Lomborghini Gallardo 2004 model manual, recently i'm having issue with the tranny, it won't get into any gear on idle, i had to turn the engine off, clucth on, get into first gear, start the engine, and drive. i was wondering if anyone ver had the same issue? or any suggestion...