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  1. FS: XL - TecnoCraft T5 Full Carbon Fiber Racing Buckets (w/ Huracan Brackets)

    FOR SALE: MAKE AN OFFER - XL TecnoCraft T5 Full Carbon Fiber Racing Bucketseats Open to any legitimate offers! Hey everyone, I've recently removed my Full Carbon XL TecnoCraft T5 bucket seats from my Huracan 580-2 and they were installed for only around ~7 months, I needed them for the...
  2. aventador tarck day

    taking my aventador to track is there anything i need to do? should i change break fluid?
  3. Gallardo Spyder lapping @ Mosport- HD video

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    Instructional lapping at Mosport International Raceway
  4. Fun run with Superleggera & GoPro Motorsport HD

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Short this quick video and fun angle in 960p on a GoPro Motorsport HD. I really like this angle--will combine it with an outboard view next time. I knew the intakes on the Superleggera were loud and sucked air like crazy but just listen to it in the video. Still, you can hear that beast of a...