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  1. Discussion of other Marques
    So I wanted to share a story but didn’t know where to put it and then it hit me you all are trying to buy other brands’ cars and likely having difficulties. I’d love to read your stories. So, here’s mine. Since it appears I’m going to be waiting forever for an Escalade V allocation I decided...
  2. Discussion of other Marques
    Wanted to share because I'm excited for development and spreading more widely across automakers, our exotics/sports cars in particular. I'm okay with hybrid electric, but a future of EVs honestly sounds horrendous enough for me to quit this hobby if restrictions got bad enough. However, a hybrid...
  3. Classifieds
    Alright guys. I am putting this out there. This car is an absolute beast. She made over 1000 whp on only 32 pounds of boost with pump gas. It was designed to be a street car so it retains a/c, heater, power steering, etc. The parachute is removable and takes less then 2 minutes. This car was...
1-3 of 3 Results