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  1. VelocityAP Lamborghini Aventador Exhaust Products

    Hello Everyone, Very pleased to have joined this forum recently as a sponsor. VelocityAP is a manufacturing brand of performance exhaust systems, headers, ECU Tuning & Suspension components. Originally founded in 2007 in the UK, we are now based in British Columbia Canada. In addition to our...
  2. O2 mini cats on 04G and test pipe sound ?

    People, I haven't yet trawled the forum - can someone let me know if I need mini cats or extenders or both and if so do I need the 90 degree ones to try and avoid CEL codes? Car already has aftermarket cat back system that gives a nice crackle on deceleration- would I loose this with the decat...
  3. FS: Gallardo Test Cat Bypass Pipes

    *SOLD* Gallardo Test Cat Bypass Pipes Sold sold sold