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  1. Huracan
    Got a call from the dealership yesterday that my submitted order got stuck because of Style Pack: Black Shiny. I was able to get sports seats and an ADP color approved back in October, when the order was submitted for March build. Today, it came to a deciding point where I wait for another...
  2. Huracan
    Anybody looking to sell their Huracan Tecnica soon after taking delivery? I’m so in love with the car but like a lot of people I can’t get an allocation. Please let me know if anyone knows someone willing to sell.. I absolutely love the Verde Selvans but willing to compromise.
  3. Huracan
    Does anyone know if 'Maintenance pack 3 years' in a standard option or cost option for Tecnica ? Order guides says: Configurator gives this as an option: Full Spec Details Report says: I remember when Tecnica first came, there was no option to add in the configurator. Wondering if...
  4. Huracan
    Hi guys, i'm about to order my new huracàn, if you should decide between the new tecnica or the sto, which one would you chose?
  5. Huracan
    Hi guys, I was realllllllyyyyyyyy excited when I placed my deposit on a 22 or 23 evo rwd. It took me a long time to finally decide on the options and blue Le Mans paint. I was even more excited when about 2 months ago my SA called and told me my order was locked in and accepted by lambo. But...
  6. Huracan
    Attended the tecnica reveal at Liberty Grand in Toronto. The Lamborghini community organized a beautiful event. Tecnica looks awesome!
1-9 of 9 Results