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  1. Gallardo
    Hello everyone! I am thinking to install a methanol kit in my Gallardo and I would be more than than thankful for anyone that can share his experience and any infirmation on the kit he installed. I still did not decide if I shoukd go with AEM or Snow... Thank you in advance. Regards, Aris
  2. Gallardo
    I would like to start a new LONG TERM thread here dealing with all things supercharged and Gallardo. To the best of my knowledge there are no pre-LP supercharged cars, though please correct me if I am wrong and post here as well (I also have a pre-LP car and would consider supercharging it if...
  3. Discussion of other Marques
    From earlier this year: SKN's video of their Xtreme2 at the Nardo High Speed performance event: For more videos, check our VF-Engineering YouTube channel: More info VF750 brochure: Click here Webpage...
  4. Discussion of other Marques
    The results of the 2013 Nardo High Performance event have been posted and we would like to congratulate SKN Tuning of Germany for their 3rd place win!! 16 cars were entered with power ranging from 410hp to 820hp and the SKN VF750 supercharged R8 came in only behind the 9ff TR-82 and the GAD...
  5. Discussion of other Marques
    SKN Tuning is at this year's Essen Motor Show in Germany showcasing their newly supercharged R8 V10. The Essen show goes on until December 8th. Stay tuned! This car was also entered in the 2013 Nardo Ring high speed event. Results will be available December 13th! :)...
  6. Gallardo
    Our latest Gallardo VF760 Supercharger catalogs are now available for download. **UPDATE** High Resolution catalog now available for direct download: Click here Click here to enquire We are available anytime to assist. p: 714-528-0066 e: [email protected]
1-6 of 6 Results