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  1. What are the best Mega Yachts in the World?

    Anything and Everything
    Reputable but not necessarily the most expensive like Lamborghini and Ferrari. Bugatti is more expensive than Lamborghini and Ferrari but not necessarily better.
  2. #63 Super Trofeo

    Photo Gallery
    Hey Everyone, Wanted to share some photos I nabbed of the #63 Super Trofeo which was being tested at The Thermal Club a few weeks back. I work for the marketing dept of The Auto Gallery and I'm an avid Lamborghini fan. Let me know if any of my posts are inappropriate or spam. We do a lot of fun...
  3. Lamborghini Newport Beach Dealer Super Car Meet!

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Lamborghini Newport Beach hosts it's first event, Here's a video of what cars showed up :cool: Full videos of each car at the end!