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  1. Help on color choice on sv roadtser

    I am ordering my SV Roadster Aventador. I have been driving an orange Huracan and it's just too much of a pop at night and day. I am thinking of a color that is more stealthy at night as week. I narrowed it down to the following and would love other members thought. I love the Mattes but due too...
  2. Aventador SV @ Nürburgring

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    Alright everyone... look over your shoulder to make sure your wife or girlfriend isn't around because... well you know why.. :evil: ITS THE AVENTADOR SV ON THE NURBURGRING! :eek:
  3. Rapture Meet & Run Teaser

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Well, no one knew if we were going to be around, so why not go out with a bang--what better way than to sprint to the "finish line." Guess, we all happy to still be here, so lots more of these to come. cheers!
  4. Matte Black Super Veloce & Co (Winter Mini Meet)

    Lamborghini Events
    So, I have been traveling alot, mostly to Cali and Far & Mid East so I have been on a bit of a hiatus video wise lately. Fear not, I was still on duty! So, in the midst of Winter, Batman awakened. Had this impromptu meet with the newest addition to the Cars & Coffee Pittsburgh family, the LP...