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straight pipes

  1. Straight Piped LP640 and Superleggera Terrorize Downtown LA: Effspot

    Hey guys! and I just shot a video with our friend @effspot in DTLA. The cars were echoing off all the buildings (and videos don't do it justice)... but it was just so much fun and sounded like an old F1 racetrack downtown this past week one night haha :D Thought you guys might...
  2. Rev Loc5 exhaust + Fabspeed straight pipes AS NEW !!! CHEAPPP SHIP WORLD WIDE

    Up for sale $3000 obo Lamborghini gallardo 2004-2009 Fabspeed cat bypass rrp $1500 Rev Loc 5 exhaust system $3500 Selling cheap make a offer I purchased these for my gallardo after installation I was involved in a front end collision and car was salvaged The exhaust are still like...