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  1. Huracan
    Hi guys, i'm about to order my new huracàn, if you should decide between the new tecnica or the sto, which one would you chose?
  2. Huracan
    Hi guys, I have an STO due in November and I am thinking of making either that one or my Performante catless. Has anyone else done the same with their STO/EVO/Performante? Major sound difference? I have an Aventador SV with armytrix catless and it is truly brutal compared to stock. Hope the...
  3. Huracan
    Hello Lamborghini-Talk! After 20 years, VF Engineering has moved into a newly renovated state-of-the-art facility on the outskirts of Anaheim, California. We are still getting settled in into the office and getting everything situated, but that hasn’t stopped us from installing more of our...
  4. Aventador
    Hey guys, I purchased a sv coupe back in January and I love the car but can’t seem to stop thinking about the svj. I personally would pay current market value for an svj but I’m waiting to see how the market plays out. In the meantime I’ve been really looking at the Sto’s but can’t seem to get...
  5. Huracan
    I like my new STO and still have my Performante (I'll never get rid of that), but the STO seems a little sluggish when accelerating. It was very disappointing but handled really well. I just installed a Pedal Box from DTE Systems Chiptuning Wow! What a difference. I got the Bluetooth app...
  6. Huracan
    The STO was special to build and was such a wild spec I decided to go all out with the unveiling. I told Lamborghini of Paramus to not post any pictures of the car until it was revealed. Also hired a photographer and he came up with his own ideas. I did not take much pictures because I wanted to...
1-7 of 7 Results