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  1. Gallardo spider subwoofer fits between front seat for sale

    Hi, Im selling my custom made Lamborghini Gallardo spider subwoofer that mounts in between the front seats. It has two 6 inch JL Audio speakers and sounds and looks great. I've listed it on ebay - you can search for Gallardo subwoofer. Buy it now is $1430 and it cost over $4K to have it...
  2. 2012 LP550-2 Radio

    Does anyone have a stock 2012 LP550-2 radio that they would like to sell? Or does anyone know anyone who can get parts at a discount from Lamborghini? I bought my Lambo with an aftermarket sound system. It sounds awesome but its just to cumbersome to use. I want to go back to the stock radio and...
  3. Sound System Help

    New To the Forum and just received my Aventador in New York (my Avatar). Absolutely LOVE the car and thank Kai at Elite Motorsports for my Fabspeed Exhaust and CF Diffuser Install. HOWEVER, hate the sound system. Absolutely no midrange, poor vocals, and sounds "thin". Is it possible to get...
  4. Phone setup in 2006 gallardo

    Hi Everyone, I have just bought a 2006 gallardo. mine has the sat nav optioned head unit. Im trying to work out how you setup a mobile phone to operate through it, i cant seem to find anything in the manual or on the net. Im pretty sure that it doesnt have bluetooth in this model so i dont...
  5. Looking for pic of subwoofer in between seats for G spyder

    I have an 07 Gallardo spyder and am having a nice stero system put in. I have seen G spyders with a nice looking subwoofer enclosure installed in between the seats that is painted the color of the car, and is smooth and flows down in between the seats front the top of th eleather near th erear...
  6. 2013 gallardo super trofeo stradale Nav/video/camera screen conversion??

    Hi, I recently bought a 2013 sts but it didn't come with a backup camera option. The dealer said the older pre-2011 kits don't work on this head unit and I can't find anyone who makes a screen conversion kit for 2011+ head units. They recommended changing the head unit to aftermarket but I...
  7. We finally have our template for the G Spyder sub enclosure!

    We are getting quite excited to announce, we have the template needed for an enclosure. for the G spyder. we will have pics up soon. We will have our Demo car up and going within a week. This should fill a niche need mich sought after. it is however for an 8' subwoofer. UT allowing a good...
  8. MP3's Via SD Card - Stereo

    08 Gallardo Spyder, can't for the life of me get any SD cards working in the system. Found old thread on this board It goes without saying all SD cards I had do not work. Tracked down a 2GB Transcend SD card...
  9. FS: Gallardo NAV / stereo unit and speakers

    Hey guys, I have a NAV unit pulled from a 2006 Gallardo Syder...professionally un-installed...and also took the speakers out of the doors...selling them together or alone...make a reasonable offer and they are yours :) Fully functionally, normal scuffs but in overall excellent shape... PM or...