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  1. Gallardo
    So I was driving on the motorway for a couple of hours last night, pull off and realise I have no power steering! No recollection of anything happening during the journey but it was working fine before I started the trip. There is a strange noise coming from the engine now, which I assume is...
  2. Gallardo
    When I reach 80 to 90miles/h, I feel the steering wheel a bit loose and don't feel comfortable to speed more. Have you guys faced something like that? I assume it is not alignment as it is not pushing to any specific side, unless I reach 80 to 90miles/h, but the feeling is a loose steering wheel.
  3. Gallardo
    I used Simply green and a towel then water and a towel and I also used a bit of rough sand paper but very lightly. I almost bought a new steering wheel as I wanted it nice and rough again.
  4. Classifieds
    Stock wheel pulled when car was new. '06. Had a carbon wheel installed instead. Have pics i can send if interested. Make me an offer. Joe
  5. Classifieds
    I have an OEM steering wheel from an 06 Gallardo that is brand new. A carbon wheel was put on the car right after it was new. Also have a Black Gallardo SE OEM cover as well. Make me an offer on each. The car is gone and I want them to move the items. I will send pics to email address if...
1-5 of 5 Results