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  1. Gallardo
    Thought I'd throw this out to the community. I've read in a few spots and saw a youtube video that suggested the factory cats (at least on the 5.0 L engines) should be replaced due to an issue with them degrading and bringing those particulates into the engine. I got a 2006 SE about a month...
  2. Urus
    If you are on the fence about doing Sport Cats on your Urus this should make that decision a little bit easier...Factory mufflers seem to sound pretty good eh? This a great alternative to just going with the Cat Bypass pipes to eliminate the raw fuel smell, engine light and emissions compliance...
  3. Urus
    Has anyone gone with Fabspeed or any other brand sport cats on your Urus yet? Interested in your thoughts and feedback on real life street performance increases and sound gains?
1-3 of 3 Results