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  1. Weird Suspension Noise?

    Hello guys. Just wanted to know whether someone here has experienced this with their Huracans. Car is a 2016 LP610-4 There is this weird popping noise on very low speed, you know when you're on a residential street and you just let the car crawl. It happens when the road surface isn't totally...
  2. Does the Huracan always crackle and pop?

    Hello. I will be (probably) buying a Huracan soon, but every video I've seen it always crackles and pops. I would be driving this is the streets,but still using the highest performance mode in the car there is. Like I've said, they've always crackled and popped and I'm wondering if that's...
  3. I drove the giant: Video of LM002 in the Netherlands

    Hey everyone, Last year I got the opportunity to drive this staggeringly magnificent car! I made a video impression of it. Hopefully you'll like it! Thanks for your responses and happy Easter! Kind regards! Walter
  4. New Exhaust post

    Hi everyone, I am ready to get rid of my stock exhaust but would like to read your experiences. Let's update the 2 years old post. Exhaust changed, and we have now more people driving Aventador with aftermarket. Please be specific about, 1) how it sound (better if you have a link) 2) did you...
  5. 25th Anniversary Countach - Great Sounds

    Filmed this very well-kept 25th Anniversary Countach at two shows in is always a pleasure to see Countaches around and this one sounded as good as it looked! Comments are welcome.
  6. New LP670 R-SV sound!

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    I went to the Fia GT a few weeks ago and I made this video. This Lamborghini sounded insane!