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side skirts

  1. FS: 2004-2012 Gallardo Hamann wing & side skirts

    I have the Hamann rear wing and Hamann side skirts for sale for an 04-12 Gallardo. Rear wing is wrapped in carbon fiber. Side skirts are painted Verde Ithaca. I have them listed on eBay or contact me at (zvlah AT aol dot com) for more info
  2. WTB: Gallardo carbon fiber side skirts

    Looking to purchase some CF side skirts similar to the ones on a Superleggera and ones RSC Tuning makes. Thx
  3. LB Performance BodyKit (Murci) for sale!

    I Hope this doesnt violate the rules but one of my clients bought the kit from us and wrecked his car before we got it installed. He owns the kit but is too anti-social to sell it online. He's asking $20k for the whole thing. It's a 9 piece kit and comes with the spoiler. 3 piece side skirts...
  4. Renown R70 SL Side Skirts now available: Group Buy

    Hey everyone. Wanted to let everyone know that we are now offering our own take on the Super Leggera side skirts. We offer these in paint-able composite ($2,500) as well as carbon fiber ($3,500). Here are some images. As well as a comparison from another company. As a site sponsor...