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  1. Huracan
    Hey everyone! To the members of this forum: Is there any Lamborghini owner from Dubai on this forum? I have a 2019 Lamborghini Huracan which I recently bought. All I want to know is if there is a trusted Lamborghini Workshop in Dubai to help provide a professional Lamborghini general maintenance...
  2. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    So I've been ignored by multiple salesman and my calls have gone unanswered. Now, I placed a call to my local dealer's service area for the first time on Monday and left a message and I still haven't received a call back. I've seen just about everyone complain about the sales side but is a...
  3. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    My 2008 Gallardo is due for its yearly service. Does anyone know of a good shop near Louisville, KY capable of that service? Otherwise I'm going to have to have it shipped, which I feel like is going to be almost as much as the service (year 11, most of the major stuff at year 10 was done by the...
  4. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Does anyone know a good Lambo Tech or service center in Orlando Area? (other than the dealer)
1-4 of 4 Results