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  1. 5 Solid Minutes of Huracan Revving!

    Great times at Lamborghini Newport Beach a few days ago to experience the Lamborghini Huracan Revving for nearly 5 Minutes Straight! Brutal Revving and Sounds from it's beastly Exhaust! What do you think about the sound?
  2. 2014 Aventador Scandal Coupe Ready now!

    2014 Aventador Verde Scandal Coupe Ready now! Home in 2 days Hope you people like it you asked for more. Just got back yesterday from dealer. Here is a sound clip from the Avy with LNB Exhaust I Installed and software update they say she will be high 700 HP now and sounds amazing in real life...
  3. SRT Viper VS Lamborghini Aventador VS Lexus LFA REVVING Competition!

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    So this happened about a month ago and just published it today, a great revving competition between three fantastic and different cars. The LFA, Aventador, and the new SRT Viper, Which car do you think won?
  4. Newly Bought Aventador with Huge Revvs, Engine, Exterior, Driving, etc.

    Here's a newly bought Aventador at Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California I filmed. Large revvs along with shots of the engine, exterior, driving, and more. Tell me what you think and what you'd like to see and i'll try to get it :D
  5. Lambo Love is...

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Sprinting down the Autostrada, in an "out of body experience" and in awe of the Superleggera. Hands down, Lambo makes some of the best rides, ever. Bring me a Diablo, Countach, Murcie, Gallardo or yes.. the Aventador anyday. Love is... carbon fiber heaven :wave:
  6. Ferrari 458 Italia in Chicago tearing up the streets

    Discussion of other Marques
    Well, not really terrorizing the place, but Ferrari 458 Italia certainly have presence on the street. I got to see it up close and personal during my recent visit to Gold Coast. The car is magnificent and props to the designers. I was skeptical from the pictures but in person, it is certainly...