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  1. Sports Car Rental App - What do you think?

    Business, Investing, Economy
    Hi to all! I’m new here :) I was in Cannes sometime ago and wanted to rent a nice car for a coast trip, but the experience of finding good deals, knowing the price or even understand what models are available from rental companies was a really painful experience. Basically I had to email or...
  2. Looking to borrow Gallardo in Houston, Texas for a prank.

    Hello all users of Lamborghini-Talk, I really want to borrow a Lamborghini for a "gold-digger" prank. A user here named "Sam23" gave me a legit script that I plan on going by, it goes as follows: 1. You will need a Lambo owner willing go along with and be a part of the prank. 2. You will need...
  3. Trying to borrow a Murcielago for a YouTube video - Houston Texas

    Hello users of Lamborghini-Talk :wave: I've been a lurker of this forum for a while, but today I took the initiative to actually join. I'm pretty skilled in making YouTube videos, and I recently created a channel on YouTube called DDS TV...