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  1. Gallardo
    FOB's Fresh Outta the Box What did you think I was referring to? Just got the Renown R5C wheels completed and they are going to be mounted onto our Gallardo at SEMA. These concave wheels are done in a machine face with a matte clear. Also trying out some new burnt anodized wheel bolts.
  2. Gallardo
    Hey everyone. Wanted to let everyone know that we are now offering our own take on the Super Leggera side skirts. We offer these in paint-able composite ($2,500) as well as carbon fiber ($3,500). Here are some images. As well as a comparison from another company. As a site sponsor...
  3. Murcielago
    Hi everyone, we have started work on project Murci and we have already finished our first part. A Carbon Fiber Fuel Door. We will soon be working on other carbon fiber exterior goodies. We are located in the LA area and have more than ten years of built up reputation for quality and service...
  4. Gallardo
    So now that I'm officially a sponsor of this board, I wanted to share some photos of various customer cars using our product. Our low drag wing fellow member on this board: gemlender A twin turbo beast.
1-4 of 6 Results