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  1. Central Florida Toys for Tots Rally

    Lamborghini Events
    THE CENTRAL FLORIDA TOYS FOR TOTS RALLY 2019 Event Date: December 21st Event Time: 8 AM – 2 PM On Saturday, December 21, 2019, we take it to the roads of central Florida for charity! Car owners will drive in support of underprivileged children and arrive their trucks and frunks full of...
  2. GA: "1 Lap of Atlanta - Dawn Run" by Speed & Mischief

    Lamborghini Events
    <Date> August, 21st, 2011 <Day> Sunday <Rondevu Time> 0600Hrs <Launch time> Sunrise - 0702hrs <Location> Lat 33.65 , Lon -84.42, Atlanta, GA, SE United States <Address> Undisclosed to public, registered Attendees only Beautiful early Sunday morning dawns upon us not with oh so sweet bird...
  3. Gumball:Aston Martin owner makes his own teaser!

    Discussion of other Marques
    Does anyone know him from Youtube? Shmee150 is his name and perhaps the only youtube member that is a spotter with a supercar! Spotters are people that make pictures or videos of cars they see on the road. Then they post it on youtube or other sites. It may be a bit sad but it's cool if you get...
  4. ATL, GA: ~Speed & Mischief's~ Midnight Cruise III, 2011

    Lamborghini Events
    Well we are back again, and harder than last time. There will be hands down some of the sickest cars from all over U.S in Atlanta, GA for Import Alliance, and there couldn't be a better time for us to get together and unleash Speed & Mischief we all have within us. Plus we are collaborating...
  5. Gumball 3000

    Lamborghini Events
    Who is doing gumball 3000 this year? I am down to do it. Last year was amazing, I hope this year is great Go TEAM EXHAUSTAGE