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  1. PPI/Service Shop in Sacramento, CA Area?

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    I'm looking into a car near the Sacramento area and was wondering if anyone have any experience/knowledge with any reputable shops nearby for a PPI/service? Thanks in advance!
  2. PPI Recommendations In Bay Area (1st Bull)

    Hi All - I am ready to find & purchase my 1st Gallardo (super excited) and was hoping the forum members could give recommendations on a trustworthy place to have a PPI done in the Bay Area. Independent or dealer. Being this is my 1st Exotic & (not that it matters; but sometimes it can) being a...
  3. PPI Results (?'s on rwd, front suspension)

    Hi everyone, I am currently looking into a Murcielago, and did a PPI. Overall, car condition was noted as good. I have a few questions, and would like to get your thoughts: 1. The car has rwd conversion. On the road test, it was noted that the traction control light kept kicking in at over...
  4. Pre Purchase Inspection

    Is it necessary to do a PPI, if you are buying it from a Lamborghini dealership? If yes should they do the PPI or I should have a 3rd party check the car?