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  1. 2019 Lamborghini Huracan Performante (Location: Costa Mesa, CA)

    2019 performante. 225 miles on the car. Over 70k spent in modifications. 1016 industries part list: Forged carbon Flippers Forged carbon roof Forged carbon hood Forged carbon front lip Forged carbon skirts Forged carbon rear diffuser Forged carbon rear diffuser caps Forged carbon rear vents...
  2. FS: Huracan Performante front hood bonnet

    Location : Los Angeles Price : 2500 Please see photos for details If you have any questions feel free to message me or call me. I can send more photos/videos upon request 818 433 9350
  3. Lamborghini huracan lp640-4 performante parts for sale

    Hello all, We here at Silverlake Automotive Recycling have acquired a Lamborghini Huracan that due to the insurance category, must be broken for parts. We are based in Shedfield, England. However, we do offer delivery worldwide! If you would like to enquire about any parts, best place to...
  4. MY2019 Huracan Performante vs MY2018 Huracan Performante

    Hi all, First time posting here - sorry in advance if this question has already been asked. What are the differences between the 2019 and 2018 Performantes in reference to just the Coupes? The dealers tell me none, however the forums mention there are some fixes here and there. If anyone...
  5. BRE - Lamborghini Huracan Performante LP640 - Inconel Exhaust

    Hey Lamborghini Talk, My name is Eddy from Brooke Race Exhausts (BRE). We are a manufacture of Inconel exhaust systems for Supercars and the motorsport sector. We design & manufacture everything in house to offer the best possible service along with uncompromised quality. Based in the UK &...
  6. Finally got my ultimate dream car: 2019 Huracán Performante

    So I barely know any car enthusiasts in real life so I figured some of you on here might enjoy this! So recently after a long 8 months of waiting I finally took delivery of my ultimate dream car, a 2019 Lamborghini Huracán Performante. I can't seem to post picture links (since I just joined) but...
  7. Looking for: Gallardo Performante stripes & UGR side decal

    I'm looking for 'Performante' stripes custom to the coupe, I was hoping to add the tricolore 'Y's to the roof instead on the engine bonnet. For the UGR logo I was hoping to get either white or red Cheers! :wave:
  8. Lamborghini performante video

    Lamborghini Video Links
    hello everyone from spain, I put on my youtubechannel the video about the world premiere about the performante last year and next weekend i will put the world premiere of huracan performante cabrio with the help of Lamborghini Madrid. :) I go Thursday to Geneva...
  9. Huracan facelift model in Oct 2018?

    Hello everyone, Very excited to be part of this forum.. theres been a lot of great posts and pics :) Im based in Australia and looking to get my first Huracan Performante. Really keen to put a deposit down however theres been a lot of chatter that there will be a facelift version around Oct...
  10. WTS - 2012 Gallardo Performante White on Black

    Selling my 2012 Gallardo Performante. Making room for some new toys. No mods, clean condition. Second owner. Tires, brakes, and clutch are still all good. Clutch at 70% per Los Gatos Luxury Cars, and all maintenance conducted there - though to be completely honest, there aren't many since I...
  11. 1016 Industries Huracan Renato

    All we have been on the forum some months now but have been busy at work on new products to extend our product line for the huracan. We have had a highly successful program with the LP-610 consisting of both a unique and well thought out design that enables a dramatic change to the lines of...
  12. Huracan Performante Unveiled

    Huracan Huracan Performante - the STORY on
  13. Leaked Photo?

    Not much detail but it does reveal some of the rear decklid, it also reveals it has the same style rear grille as the LP580-2. Also included is a photo of the new ALA logo which stands for "Aerodynamica Lamborghini Attiva" - which is the active aero system the Performante will use.
  14. Huracán Performante Rendering

    I did a rendering when the first Huracan spyshots came out (back when we all called it the Cabrera), it gave me a better appreciation for the design language, and I was surprised at how much it was passed around. So I figured I would do another render, this time with the Huracan Performante test...
  15. Sexi White BEAST on Location

    This is probably my next favorite Raging bull in the V10 line... During my recent stint at HQ, this beast greeted me--and beckoned :D The Spyder Performante is one hot ride and love it in this color combination. Still, its second in line to the coupe, but still hot! Next time, I need to...