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  1. Matte Paint

    Finally about to purchase a lp610, however have a few questions for those who have experience with the matte paint. Is it recommended to protect it with some type of clear wrap such as xpel stealth? How difficult and costly are repairs if I get door dings or scratches? How do I clean the car...
  2. What colour is this Gallardo?

    Saw pictures of this at HRE's open house, have been looking into purchasing a Gallardo but never really found a colour that I loved until now, I was wondering if any of you knew what this was called or if it is a custom colour, I looked on Lamborghini's website but couldn't find an exact match...
  3. What are the hardest to find products or services for a Lambo?

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    Just curious on this topic and wanted to POLL everyone here. I am curious to get anyones opinion as a owner of an exotic what the hardest to find after market products, services, or information have been from your experience? For example, I needed some touch up paint for my ' 05 Orange G so...
  4. Need a little help with lambo paint

    General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    I am Jeff with My boss asked me to find some info on Lamborghini for the touch up paint company I work for. I need to know were a paint code sticker is, and I need to find an image of the paint code sticker for making a diagram to go on the webpage for other Lambo owners...