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  1. Aventador
    Qualche giorno fa ho comprato questo modello di auto aventador perché mi piace questa tonalità arancione. È un colore pastello/uniforme e configurerei la mia prossima Huracan con questo colore. La mia domanda è, Questo tono arancione è nella gamma di colori Lamborghini? Se sì, qual è il suo...
  2. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hello guys and gals, Currently in the market for an Arancio orange Gallardo, black/orange interior, below 20k miles, prefer gated manual 05 and up due to front nose lift but if deal is right will do the e-gear and look at 04. Was trying to be in the ballpark of $85-90k range. Let me know what's...
  3. General Lamborghini Related Discussion
    I've also posted this on Ferrari Chat. Vote here please:
  4. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hey Guys, my lease is ending at the end of June, so I have to part with my Orange Beast. Only 4300 miles, super clean car. Located in Los Gatos CA. If you are fan of RWD Huracan this car is for you. I have big brake front kit from Brembo (at least $5,000 upgrade), the rest of the car is...
  5. Huracan
    Hi guys, A while ago I purchased a Huracan Coupe in Blu Caelum, which I absolutely loved and was my very first Lamborghini. I fell so in love with this car within the first few weeks of owning it I decided I was most definitely a permanent Lambo customer. I have now just stepped up and...
  6. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hello, I am based in Dubai and am currently selling this beauty. Car is in immaculate condition and has always been serviced at the dealer. Manuals, Pouch, Tool box and spare key with remote are all included. Full service history from Lamborghini Dubai. I am asking U$ 299,000.
  7. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    Hey guys, I'm selling my 2008 Gallardo Spyder. One of the last real gated shifter Manual Supercars. The car is in brand new condition. It has been pampered from day one. The color is silver with a very rare blue interior. Current mileage 5700 miles Complete 3M protection in the front: hood...
  8. Cars For Sale or Wanted
    FS: Orange 2012 Gallardo LP 560-4 - now available at Lamborghini Vancouver! Sold! Sold!
  9. Gallardo
    2006 G, E-Gear Literally Just dropped off, hasnt seen a detail yet.. will be advertised shortly!!!
  10. Murcielago
    Took some pictures of the LP640 in a few places around Atlanta. Let me know what you think. Here is a link to all of the pictures - Pictures of my LP640 around Atlanta | Ed Bolian
  11. Classifieds
    just bought the new upgraded bumper for my spyder and looking to see if there will any interest in my factory bumper thats orange... Thanks guys.. Also the new bumper is on its way and should hopefully be ready to next week for shop to fit.
  12. Classifieds
    2006 Arancio Borealis 6spd with black leather and alcantara on inside of the door panels, half of the dash, and the headliner. Orange stitching (none of the ugly piping). Heated seats. VIN# is ZHWGU12N36LA02991. It is a USA car that I purchased from Ohio about 1.5 months ago. Located in...
1-12 of 16 Results